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Azur is an innovative hospitality management service company established in 1997, that operates and manages a portfolio of all inclusive resorts, city and luxury hotels in some of the most breathtaking destinations in Egypt’s coastal cities.

 For more than 10 years with over 3000 guest rooms across Egypt Azur has been one of the leading pioneers in the all inclusive concept for leisure seekers from across the globe. The company has been recognized internationally for its acclaimed success in creating memorable vacation experiences for its clientele and is reflected in its corporate slogan “feel the difference”.

 Azur’s management is comprised of hospitality professionals who have established a long track record of credibility and success in local and international markets by combining the passion, dedication and loyalty of its people with solid expertise in hotel operations.

 Ranging from sprawling lush grounds, pristine beaches and stunning coastal venues to generous all inclusive amenities and spacious accommodation, the Azur guest will experience unrivalled hospitality and service in all of its properties.

  Looking ahead, Azur has a steadfast commitment to providing exemplary management services to prospective clients in the global hospitality market and positioning itself as an International player in the travel industry.